Lauren’s List of Legends: Lindsay Buck

Lauren’s List of Legends – Q and A with Lindsay Buck

#4 Lindsay Buck

Meet Lindsay. A lover of the outdoors, keen fell runner and avid litter picker; an amazing individual who is devoted to keeping the trails clean.

Lindsay Buck, litter picking up Scafell

In 2019, Lindsay made over 100 trips up Scafell Pike, all of which involved litter picking. This year, just between May and September, Lindsay has collected 721 plastic bottles from Scafell Pike and the local Wasdale Valley.

I was so inspired by Lindsay’s efforts, I felt she deserved to be added to the List of Legends. Take a read below to find out more about Lindsay’s litter picking endeavours.

Where did the term ‘Wasdale Womble’ come from?

The name Wasdale Womble / #wasdalewomble came from a local friend of mine Jo Balmer, who noticed that I was constantly picking up litter (especially on Scafell Pike and in the Wasdale valley).The Wombles were characters on a mid 1970’s show who collected and recycled rubbish to tidy up after humans.

Lindsay collected 721 plastic bottles from Wasdale, locally & Scafell Pike,
between 3rd May and 13th Sept 2020

How often do you go out litter picking?

I litter pick everyday wherever I am.

In terms of litter that you find on the trails, what are the ‘biggest culprits’ i.e. things you find the most of?

Rubbish on the trails – most often found; cigarette butts, chewing gum, sweet wrappers, gels, crisp packet, clothes, wrapped dog poo, tissues & wipes.

Lindsay, A.K.A the ‘Wasdale Womble’ up Scafell on one of the 100 litter picks up Scafell Pike in 2019

What’s the most shocking thing you have found on the trails? And the most bizarre?

Most shocking – not an item but the sheer volume which is left by a minority of people enjoying beautiful places.

Most bizarre – the amount of clothes abandoned, don’t people need them? ( I’ve found boots, pants, top and lots & lots of socks).

Lindsay litter picks every day, wherever she finds herself!

Finally, tell us all about your 60th Birthday challenge! 

As a challenge in my 60th year (11/10/2019 – 11/10/2020) I’ve set the challenge of as many safe ascents of Scafell Pike and litter picks to raise awareness of the issue and funding for the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (WMRT).

Cycling is my normal transport so the 8 miles from home is a chance to tidy up the roadside enroute (the National Trust team take the haul from me). This has given me a focus in a year with no fell races and the chance to try and help just a little bit.

I’ll continue to litter pick every day and hope many more people will join the ever growing army of us who can’t bear to see rubbish littering the countryside and are prepared to tidy up.

For her 60th, Lindsay is fundraising for Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (WMRT)

You can find the link to Lindsay’s just giving page here.

Lindsay also featured on BBC Radio Cumbria recently in relation to her amazing litter picking efforts: Take a listen here.

Want to get involved with cleaning up The Lake District?

If you want to get more involved with cleaning up the Lake District, there are numerous ways to do this!

Grab yourself a pair of gloves, a vessel to collect the litter and get out collecting rubbish from the trails! You can even borrow a fancy litter picker from Alpkit stores too. If you want to get involved in a group litter pick, there are various ones to choose from, some of which include:

  • ‘Trash Jog’s’ with LMB Coaching,
  • Alpkit Litter Picks,
  • DirtBags Climbing,
  • The Lakes Plastic Collective (on Instagram).

Let’s all do play a part in keeping the trails litter free.


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