Jenny’s Story

Jenny is an utterly fantastic and awe-inspiring individual. Having only run for a few months, she has set her sights on running a mountain marathon this Summer to raise awareness for Chronic UTI and raise much needed funds for Cystitis Research.

On April 4th, Jenny is reaching a big milestone in her training – running a a Half Marathon!

Here’s Jenny’s story:

“I’ve been on a journey with Chronic UTI (CUTI) for the last 8 years, it still has a big impact on my daily life. 1.7 million women suffer from UTI’S in the UK, but the process for diagnosis and treatment are totally out of date. This results in many women developing a CUTI. I’m hoping to run a mountain marathon both to raise awareness of CUTI and some cash for much needed research and development for the new Centre for Cystitis Research and also for Chronic UTI Campaign who collate and provide crucial information and support. I’m fairly new to running and finding the main challenge is trying to build my mileage without causing a bladder flare. My goal is 26 miles and 8000ft of ascent – 1000ft for each year I’ve had the symptoms. I’m still not sure I’ll make it, but nothing worthwhile comes easy right?!”

Join’ Jenny’s Half Marathon Challenge!

As part of Jenny’s training for the mountain marathon, she is embarking upon a half marathon on April 4th. Always keen to encourage others, both Jenny and myself were keen to use this run as an opportunity for others to join us!

Head over to the Facebook event here for more information and how to get involved.

We hope you can ‘join’ us!

LMB and Jenny


Follow this link for further information on Chronic UTI’s